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Our goal is to offer items of interest to our fellow Casitans and our fiberglass cousins at reasonable prices and fair shipping rates. If you would like to order from our store you can do so online, by emailing [email protected], or call us at 469.371.0234.

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••   PLUMBING   ••


The Hepvo is the key component in the Valvectomy mod. Its installation does away with the troublesome rubber shower trap and shower valve and helps to correct an uphill issue on 2008 and later models. It requires no winterization and can also be used in either sink to help create space or further reduce the requirement for winterization.
Read all about it here: We don't need no stinkin' P trap.

Note: The shower specific Hepvo products are standard equipment on all 2015 and later Casitas.

Hepvo with all Valvectomy parts for 2007 and earlier

Hepvo with all Valvectomy parts for 2008 and later

Hepvo kit for under kitchen sink all years

Hepvo valve$29.95 Add to Cart
Hepvo with all Valvectomy parts for 2007 and earlier$59.95 Add to Cart
Hepvo with all Valvectomy parts for 2008 and later$74.95 Add to Cart
Hepvo kit for under kitchen sink all years (except Liberty models with furnace)$54.95 Add to Cart


If you’re up for this mod, you’ll spend more time and money gathering the parts than actually doing the work. We’ve done all the shopping and gathering for you in this complete Fast Gray Kit. It even includes a near universal fit bracket and the new 2 ½” EMT hanger.

This is the same collection of parts I carry when I crawl under one to tame the gray! This mod corrects up to ¾” of the uphill issue with the gray drain as well as allowing complete drainage of the gray tank. Some, but not all, will experience a gain in capacity as well.

Every tank drains at a different rate but all will experience significant reduction in dump time. After this mod, most drain in less than three minutes. All Casitas with combined black and gray drain systems will benefit from this modification in spite of rumors to the contrary.

Kits include all parts necessary including the pipe. Be sure to let us know the year model as some early 17’s require that we have a bit of conversation before we ship. Let us know if you just need some individual parts and we’ll try to help.

Fast Gray Kit$189.95 Add to Cart


Beginning in mid year 2017 the factory incorporated a portion of our famous Fast Gray Kit. This portion effectively lowered the point at which the gray drain line enters the drain T by 3/4”. This step corrected all or most of the uphill issues from previous year models.

However, this is only one of five phases of the Fast Gray Mod.

  1. Your drain assembly might still be sloped downhill to the rear causing an uphill issue at the drain.
  2. You still have a somewhat serpentine path from the tank to the valve reducing velocity.
  3. Flow remains restricted by the use of 1 1/2” pipe (a bit more than half the diameter of our 2” pipe.)
  4. Your existing pipe “might” be partially blocked by the liberal amount of glue forming a debris catching grate. This issue is not present on all Casita's and you don't know until you remove the existing drain pipe.

Our kit addresses all of these issues allowing your gray drain system to reach its full potential. Based on all the variables, most should experience significant gains while some perhaps not so much but we consider maximizing your gray drain system’s potential to be well worth the effort to install.

Fast Gray Finisher Kit$144.95 Add to Cart


This is an original equipment replacement valve for the black drain and if you’ve done our fast gray mod it will also replace the gray side. We do not stock the 1 ½” valve in view of the popularity of our Valvectomy and Fast Gray projects. If these two mods have been done there are only 3” valves on your Casita.

Valterra 3” Valve$19.95 Add to Cart


Increase gray tank capacity by 6 to 8 gallons!

After a great deal of experimenting we still believe our way of doing the vent mod is the best. So we've come up with a kit that includes all the parts and complete instructions to do it the same way we've successfully done it on hundreds of Casitas.

The kit requires that you own an 11/16" drill bit (paddle style will work fine) but you must also beg, borrow or steal a 1/2" pipe tap to cut threads into the tank and PVC T.

The sizes listed are NOT a typo. The 1/2" pipe is measured as the inside diameter. The outside diameter is much larger, hence, the requirement for the 11/16th drill bit.

If you can't access this tool, you could always drive by your local plumbers shop after you've drilled the holes and have it done. It takes less than 5 minutes to tap the threads by hand. Some have successfully forced the threaded fitting into a slightly larger hole and cemented them in with a product called ShoeGoo. It's available at your local athletic shoe store and will stick to all types of rubber and plastic.

Note: This kit will only work on 17 foot Casitas made after 1996, only 16 and 13 footers in which the gray tank is less than 11 inches from vent T (the pipe that comes up through your closet).

Vent Mod Kit with Instructions$9.95 Add to Cart


This is a direct replacement valve for the Thetford AquaMagic V toilet used by Casita since about 2004. We also have the valve for the earlier AquaMagic IV used from approximately 2000 until sometime in 04. The IV would be identifyed by its two foot pedals. About a 20 minute job to replace. The symptom dictating replacement is water pouring out the back of the toilet. Note the next product is an emergency cure for this problem that still lets you use the rest of your water system. (see Toilet Supply Mod)

Thetford AquaMagic V replacement valve$41.95 Add to Cart
Thetford AquaMagic IV replacement valve$41.95 Add to Cart


This a simple mod that could save a camping trip from disaster. Cut the supply line to the toilet and plug in this quick connect ¼ turn valve. If your toilet valve leaks or won’t stop flushing simply cut off the water to the toilet as a temporary measure until you get your problem fixed, and keep on camping! The toilet can be flushed manually using your shower head. This mod is also a benefit to Boondockers as it allows you to flush the toilet without consuming water (the foot pedal still works) or recycling gray water or using the shower head as need dictates.

Toilet Supply Mod$15.49 Add to Cart



This 45 degree fitting is a popular and useful addition to your sewer hose kit. It costs a bit more than the popular model, but we prefer it for several reasons. First, it features the famous double o-ring seal that makes the RHINOFLEX hose so popular. Second it has 4 locking lugs on the ends offering a very positive seal. And third, it’s opaque instead of clear. It lets you see what’s going on as you drain and flush without providing “too much information”. Debbie thinks it’s much more civilized!


We travel with the infamous favorite, the RHINOFLEX 15’ sewer hose that so many folks prefer. But even at 15’, it frequently limits our set up location. Clearly the people that plumb parks don’t own RV’s. We began carrying this 5’ male/female extension and found that it gives us the flexibility we need to set up where we want within the site.

We’ve also discovered that at 5’ long, it’s usually long enough to be all we need at the dump station if we’re camping in a state park. No need to drag out the full 15’ hose when you’re parked 4 feet from the cleanout. It’s much easier to rinse out as well. If you have an older model Casita with the Valterra sewer hose carrier behind the propane tanks, a bit of minor trimming of the RHINOFLEX hand lugs will allow it to fit in the factory carrier. It will not fit the rear factory bumper if you’re already carrying the 15’ version.

5' Rhinoflex extension with male/female bayonet fittings$34.95 Add to Cart


It's back! Our previous bathroom remodel was custom made for us by Phoenix Faucet. An old family owned American business. Unfortunately they sold out to Valterra who moved the operation to Mexico and subsequently dropped us in the grease.

So we've searched high and low for a suitable, up to our standards, replacement and about a year ago we found one. We installed a couple right away so they could be tested and now we're happy.

Those of you with the older style corner sink now have the option to use that sink, unencumbered by a shower hose in the way or a spout so close to the bottom of the sink you can't get your hands in.

Our kit includes a 6” high bar spout, wall mounted separate shower controls and we're still using the incredible Phoenix three way adjustable shower head.

The kit includes all the parts and pieces and step by step instruction with photos.

Round knobs are the order of the day. Levers went away a long time ago and are not available.

Note: This kit will NOT fit Casita's with the bathroom vanity cabinet (we're still working on that dilemma).

Bathroom Remodel$184.95 Add to Cart



The Utopia Hi Rise makes your kitchen sink usable again! Your coffee pot and tall glasses will be able to fit under the spout. A very few early 16’s and some later 17’ Libertys have the sink mounted further back in the counter and cannot use this spout because it hits the wire basket. Measure to be sure it fits. You must have at least 6” of vertical clearance above the knurled ring for this spout to work.

If the Utopia will not fit your trailer, try the Phoenix Hi Rise spout which can be converted to fit your Utopia valve set. The Phoenix is angular in design similar to the factory spout, but climbs nearly as high as the Utopia.

The Utopia Hi Rise and the Phoenix Hi Rise will not fit late model Liberties and Independence due to interference with the spice cabinet door.


This aerator replaces the stock one on all Phoenix and Utopia faucets with the included adaptor. It works particulary well with the 6” bar faucet used in the Bath Remodel and the Phoenix and Utopia hi rise faucets. It swivels to allow the water stream to reach the corners of the sink for rinsing. In addition it instantly adjusts from spray to stream by pulling up or down on the swivel head.

Phoenix swivel aerator$8.99 Add to Cart


Your plastic water heater door latch will break eventually. Why wait? Duct tape is about the only solution when it does. If your grip isn’t what it used to be, this one is strong enough to grab with pliers.

Steel Water Heater Door Latch$4.49 Add to Cart


These are full length (9 ½”) anodes made by Aqua Pro. While they should be removed and checked at least twice a year, water chemistry can consume one much faster. They must be removed to drain the heater and draining helps prevent the rotten egg smell that many encounter. Many folks remove and inspect them after every trip.

Most folks need a magnesium anode. If your magnesium anode lasts less than 6 months, switch to the aluminum anode.

Magnesium Anode (99.9% of you need this one)$18.95 Add to Cart
Aluminum Anode$18.95 Add to Cart


Forgot to turn off the heater before you drained it? Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the first! We have the genuine original Suburban replacement part along with our step by step instructions. This is not a difficult project and if you can change your anode, you can change your element. This is not a generic hardware store element. It is the correct OEM model for your heater.

We also stock a wrench designed just for elements. Order it if you don’t have one. No other tool will fit quite right.

This is not a wrench for the anode, it only fits the element. For an anode wrench, you need a 1 1/16" 6 point socket available at your local hardware store, home improvement or auto parts store.

Suburban Water Heater Element with instructions$29.95 Add to Cart
Element Wrench (does not fit anode)$6.95 Add to Cart
Water Heater Element & Wrench. BUY BOTH AND SAVE!$35.99 Add to Cart


This is the same wand we use here in the shop for performing water heater serice. It's angled tip and long reach make it easy to reach the far corners of the tank and all around the electric element. The positive shut off valve makes this an easy project! Flushing your tank regularly is an important part of water system hygiene. The accumulations are the result of water chemistry as it acts on your anode along with grit from campground supply systems. Frequent flushing will keep your faucet areators clean and stave off the dredded purple flakes. Purple flakes in your tank flush water indicated the degradation of your tank lining and dictate more frequent anode replacement and more regular flushing to remove these sediments. We also find this to be a particularly handy nozzle for filling the fresh tank!

Tank Flush Wand$13.99 Add to Cart



We've been making this kit for some time now and a good idea just got better! I keep losing the screen cap since there is no way to attach it and I keep forgetting where I store it. Solution? We've attached a threaded fitting so your cap stores right where you need it next. For those that have already bought the kit, we haven't neglected you. We have the upgrade available as well.

While we certainly don’t advocate illegal activities, this cap will allow you to discharge your gray water through a garden hose anywhere it’s either legal or socially acceptable. It also makes it easier to catch and control those nasty spills if you have leaky valves. One source of tank odors is bacteria thriving on the wet remains in your tanks. We like to keep the valves open so the system can air out.

The adaptor screws on to the garden hose fitting and is screened to keep critters from moving in. Air flows freely through the cap, the tanks and out your roof vents. Many of us here in Texas use this system when we winterize as well.

Sewer cap with garden hose fitting and extra vented, screened cap$14.95 Add to Cart
Replacement rubber tether (works with original equipment cap as well)$0.50 Add to Cart


We’ve replaced our city water port in our Casita several times over the years. I hate leaks, and I hate using pliers to tighten fittings designed to tighten by hand. It seems that using pliers to tighten brass hand fittings permanently deforms them and they leak worse than ever. Stange as it sounds, we’ve found our solution in a flexible plastic fitting. We like the hand wheel, we like that it seems to deform to the profile of a deformed hose and springs back to it’s original shape when removed and we really like that it doesn’t seem to leak. We’ve had this one on our Casita for two years now and we’re convinced. This is a significant upgrade to the factory brass connection port.

It requires two people to replace this part but we’ll include a “how to” with pictures as well as the correct rivets.

City Water Connection$24.95 Add to Cart
City Water Connection Plug$4.49 Add to Cart


Ok, so you lost the cap for your city water connection, or its internal check valve has gone south and all the water leaks out of your fresh tank. While replacing the entire port is one solution we offer, some of us might not be as handy as we'd like, so here's another approach to the problem. Simply screw in this threaded plug and it provides a water tight seal. It has an attached tether and we provide a rivet, snap cap and a base so that you can optionally hang the cap near your city water port when not in use.

City Water Connection$24.95 Add to Cart
City Water Connection Plug$4.49 Add to Cart


This handy device attached to the fresh tank drain on models where the drain exits the bottom of the trailer. It consists of a ¼ ball valve for draining as well as a garden hose for filling the tank from the bottom. It makes it very easy to add to the fresh tank without all the spit back and spillage of the factory fill port. Simply remove the factory cap, add a bit of Teflon tape and screw it on.

Fresh Tank Fill/Drain Adaptor$12.95 Add to Cart


We have looked at all of them and finally settled on this cap as the one to use! It does not turn yellow or get brittle like your original. As usual, we include rivets and instructions. The rivet pattern matches most Casitas so you probably won't have to drill new holes.

Black & Gray Vent Cap (each)$5.95 Add to Cart
priced each, so order two if you want to replace them both


If your hands aren't quite as strong as they used to be and don't want to go to all the trouble of changing the entire city water connection port, this handy star wheel might be the answer. It's toothed inside slides over your original factory city water port and gives you the same easy grip surface as the one on our replacement port. The knurling on your original brass connection must be in good condition for this to mate properly. If you've already resorted to Channel Locks and rounded the brass fitting smooth, it's too late for this to work and you must replace the entire port.

Connect it Tight Star Wheel$6.95 Add to Cart

••   ELECTRICAL   ••


We’ve put together a complete kit to replace all the 12vdc fuses in your converter with these easy to interpret fuses. In the event you blow a fuse you don’t have to be confused about which one. When the fuse blows it lights up with an internal LED. Our kit is generic and fits the “average” Casita. It includes two 30amp fuses for the later model or upgraded reverse polarity protection circuit, seven 15 amp fuses and one 10amp. We stock individual replacement fuses so you don’t have to buy an entire kit if you do accidentally blow one.

This feature is built in on all Casitas from mid 2014 and later.

EZ ID LED Fuse Kit for all Casitas$19.95 Add to Cart
Individual replacement fuses 10 amp$2.49 Add to Cart
Individual replacement fuses 15 amp$2.49 Add to Cart
Individual replacement fuses 30 amp$2.49 Add to Cart


We travel with 2 laptops, two cell phones and two printers and a scanner. Too much stuff, but that’s what it takes for us to stay in touch with our friends and customers while on the road. After seeing some campground electrical disasters, I decided it was time to protect our equipment from any electrical gremlins that might be lurking. This is the one we use now. It protects up to 835 joules and 22,500 amps. I don’t have to know what that means to like it. My electrical guru friends say that’s plenty and that’s good enough for me! But what I really like is the built-in wiring fault detector that lets you know what’s up with that crusty looking power pole you’re about to plug your precious Casita into. It gives LED indication of all possible wiring faults that may be present. About the only thing it won’t do for you is take the issue up with the campground manager!

RV Smart Surge Protector$109.95 Add to Cart


This portable inverter simply plugs into your 12v outlet to provide 115v power to charge your laptop or cell phone. It will also power most smaller televisions. It’s made by Samlex, a very trusted name in solar and power conversion.

This device only produces 100 watts and will NOT power your AC or microwave. Know the power consumption of what you want to power before you order.

Samlex 100w 12v to 115v Inverter$44.95 Add to Cart


We've been testing this unique panel for a couple of years now. We've offered it in our shop for some time and have more than a few out in service. While there are plenty of competitors in the portable solar market this one stands out. What makes it unique is first, that it's a TRIFOLD panel. It packs down to a much smaller package than the bifolds making it easier to find a spot inside the Casita or in your smallish tow vehicle to stow it when not in use. Second, it's rigid soft case not only protects the panel, but prevents damage to what it might rub against when stowed.

It is truly a plug and play solar solution thanks to it's on board smart controller and the near universal Casita pigtail that we make here in the shop and include in the package.

Most solar users prefer a portable panel over a fixed panel on the roof of the Casita since real estate is at a premium on our roofs and a fixed panel might obligate you to park in the sun. It's also difficult to rotate the Casita for the optimum sun angle! 90 watts is generally sufficient for some reasonable LED lighting, Fantastic Vent operation, furnace at night, cell phone and lap top charging and operating a 12v CPAP breathing machine all night. Presuming reasonable sunlight, most users report being fully charged by noon the next day.

Please allow a 1 week lead time.

Samlex Portable 90 watt TRIFOLD Solar Panel$479.95 Add to Cart


Our Samlex 90 watt trifold panel has proven to be extremely reliable as well as popular, but some folks want a bit more reserve charging capacity for those extended cloudy days.

Enter the Samlex 135 watt panel! It is identical to its baby brother except in capacity and dimensions. It has the same style case and the same trifold portability. It packs down to near the same dimensions as most other brands of 90 watt bifolds.

PanelWeight (w/case)Cased Dimensions (approx)
90 Watt25.2 lbs28L x 17H x 4D
135 Watt31.8 lbs22L x 27H x 4D

Please allow a 1 week lead time.

SAMLEX 135 WATT Portable Trifold Solar Panel$629.95 Add to Cart


We're now offering yet a third version of a battery cable set utilizing the popular Anderson connector. These industrial strength connectors offer a convenient way to disconnect your battery so it can be easily removed for checking the water, short term disconnecting to prevent drain from parasitic loads or total removal for long term winter storage.

We incorporate the same super flexible marine wire and our terminal block that we use in our other battery kits. This gets the factory stiff wire completely out of the equation and provides a convienent spot for attaching additional accessories. The wiring is sized so that you must insert the battery negative terminal first.

Intallation is straight forward and requires only the installation of two rivets and three crimped connections. Half the fun of this project is sending about 6 feet of super stiff wire off to the recyclers!

Anderson Disconnect Flexi Cable Set with Terminal Block$63.95 Add to Cart


We've been using this Bug Guard for some time now and love it! This rubber plug very snugly fits the opening of many Casita electrical hatches, surrounds the cable tightly and prevents all but the most microscopic of critters from entering through the hatch.

Note: You must measure the width of the slot in your electrical hatch to determine if this will fit. It fits only those that measure 1 1/4” in width. It will NOT fit those that are 1 1/2”.

Shore Power Bug Guard$24.95 Add to Cart


This is the original equipment switch used by Coleman prior to changing to the manual reset version. If your manual reset version trips in normal operation it may be defective and changing to this version will solve your problems. It only takes about 20 minutes to change and requires only a screwdriver.

A/C Auto Reset High Temperature Limit Switch$17.95 Add to Cart


Molded 30 amp cord/plug combos are notorious for pulling apart, leaving the wire exposed at the end. Sure, we can wrap it up with electrical tape, but that's sticky and doesn't give the level of protection we need. It's time to cut it off and attach this quality 30 amp plug. It offers good strain relief and its profile makes it easy to remove from the 30 amp power pole. It is of course a right angle plug allowing the door to shut on the power pole making for a nice snug connection.

Wiring tip: Black goes to the black screw, white to the silver and green goes to the green screw.

30 AMP Male Replacement Plug$28.69 Add to Cart


So your molded plug is coming loose from the cable or you've forgotten to hook it up and dragged it half way across Texas. It's OK, we've all done it at least once. This is the ideal replacement for that plug. It's a genuine Bargman with really nice built in strain relief. It's a bit tedious to replace but we include some good pictures from Gene the Webmaster's Casita manual.

7 Pin Replacement Plug (Trailer End)$13.49 Add to Cart


These are genuine original equipment Coleman filters and will fit all Coleman Polar Cub, Mach 8, 1 and Mach 3 A/C units. It does NOT fit 2015 Casitas and early Colemans in which the shroud is marked simply Coleman Mach. The dimensions are 3 1/8" x 15 and comes two filters in a package.

A/C Filter Package$12.95 Add to Cart


Finally you can replace those missing louvers on the ceiling register! Simple to install without removing the ceiling assembly. Fits all Polar Cubs as well as the newer Mach 8. Will not fit the Mach 8 in 2015 or later models. Price includes one bar and its vanes.

Replacement Louvers$15.95 Add to Cart


This is a hard start capacitor recommended by several Heat & Air contractor friends of ours. We’ve been selling them for some time now both as a backup for your primary and to serve its intended function to ease the strain on your generator.

The hard start is built into all Coleman air conditioners produced after 2008.

Hard Start Capacitor$13.75 Add to Cart


We use a white JR Products lighted switch (red light) and couple it with a white wall plate that’s the same rivet spacing as the chrome one you have and include two 1/8” white rivets and a pre terminated ground wire. This switch matches the one we use on the Auto A/C kit and our Illuminated Water Heater Switch for a coordinated look. Simply drill out the old rivets, plug in the new switch and attach the ground wire to your furnace case. We even include the sheet metal screw. If you don’t have the furnace, let us know and we’ll make the kit up to reach the nearest ground. It can usually be found in the lower left side of the sink cab on Freedoms and Spirits. A bit tougher on the Liberty but let us know which you have.

Lighted Water Pump Switch Kit$24.95 Add to Cart


We're now using an illuminated switch that matches our entire family of interior switches. Our switch functions exactly like your old Suburban switch but on ours the on/off switch stays illuminated the entire time the switch is in the ON position serving a much needed reminder that your propane heater is activated. The adjacent red indicator functions the same as your original, letting you know your heater is going through its ignition sequence. Very easy to install! Two rivets to replace (or two screws on Freedoms) and four color coded wires to connect.

Illuminated Water Heater Switch Kit$29.95 Add to Cart

(plug-in style)


This is a popular accessory with our solar powered boondocking friends but works equally well for confirming all sorts of 12vdc issues. Simply plug it in to an accessory outlet and it reads vdc in tenths of a volt as well as providing an illuminated status indicator. It's intentionally built to be a snug fit for those who wish to travel with it in place.


This handy peel and stick chart takes the confusion out of what the charge state of your battery means. It lets you know where you stand and gives you a clue whether to plug in, fire up the gen set or plug into solar. It makes a great companion to our 12v outlet volt meter.

Battery Depletion Chart$2.00 Add to Cart


This pre-terminated kit makes it really easy to turn your porch light into a genuine three way switch. Great for turning on that outside light when things go bump in the night! The light can be turned on or off from both the inside switch or the outside switch. No soldering, no crimping and no hunting for buried wires under the carpet or behind your built-in microwave. If you have the built-in microwave there is no need to remove it. You simply drill out one of the rivets in the vent by the door, rotate it out of the way, and there is then plenty of room to snake the wire to the new inside switch location. We even include a replacement rivet! Our kit includes a harness long enough to mount the new inside switch in the side of the microwave cabinet near the door. We've found it difficult on some models to route the wire lower into the fridge cabinet, so we made it easy! You must only drill a hole in the back of your light fixture into the microwave cabinet and drill or cut a hole for the inside switch. And of course our easy to follow instructions are included. Works with both the Bargman as well as the Optronics exterior light fixtures.

Note: This product will not work for newer Casita models that include LED option add-on.

Three Way Porch Light Switch Kit with Pre-Terminated Harness$49.95 Add to Cart



This is the original equipment light used by Casita for many years. You can add one by your sewer connection or anywhere else that you need more light. We've added a second one on the curb side of our Casita to light up the patio a bit more. Others have added one above the water and sewer connections for hooking up after dark. This original equipment light includes a clear lens.



Keep the bugs away with this amber Bargman lens that fits the porch light as well as the light on the front over the propane tanks. This lens fits the Bargman fixture only! It measures 5 5/16” wide by 2 5/16” tall not counting the locking tabs. It will NOT fit the other fixture that Casita has used occasionally in between 2008 and 2011. Please measure your lens before ordering! We have been unable to document the exact date for the changes. It’s believed that in mid 2011 Casita switched back to the Bargman fixture.
See the item below if you don’t have the Bargman.


So plenty of people sell LED bulbs but many of us don't need LEDs or want them. So where do you go to get plain old incandescent bulbs for our interior and exterior fixtures? Right here at LHC! This is a 10 pack of the correct 1141 bulbs for all of our Bargman, Gustafson and Optronics fixtures. 21 candle power.

10 Pack of 1141 light bulbs$8.95 Add to Cart

For 2010's

Yep, not only do we have them, we promise not to send you a Bargman lens when you order this one! While the Optronics was used primarily in 2010, I’ve found some on 09’s and some early 2011 models. Check your outside fixtures before ordering. This lens is 5 ⅞” wide by 2 ¼” tall not counting the attaching tabs. It has the dotted pattern like your original.

Optronics Amber Lens$4.25 Add to Cart


Want to keep the Casita 7 pin pigtail out of the mud and elements when camping or in storage? Yep, we do too! We have looked at all the brands on the market and rejected them as either too hard to install or too expensive. Then we found this one! Heavy duty screw type straps anchor it solidly to your tongue jack. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver! We have installed more than a few and had them thoroughly tested. Your Bargman 7 pin connector simply snaps into place under the element shielding hood.

Connector Storage Bracket$8.95 Add to Cart

••   GENERAL   ••


So the sun is shining in the window, heating up the Casita, but the view is too spectacular to close the blinds or curtains? We have the solution! Full View window awnings. We've taken all the confusion out of this project by stocking just the awnings that fit your windows in the color that matches the graphics of your Casita. The navy Full View fabric blocks 85% of the sun while still offering a view of the scenery. The fabric is a shade cloth that is so transparent, you can actually view the moon and stars through it at night. They really dress up the Casita as well.

We've modified the Carefree of Colorado instructions to make them relevant to installing them on our fiberglass shells. Be sure to let us know your year, length and floorplan so we can send you the ones you need.

Note: We are unable to put an awning on the rear window of our Casitas due to interference of the arms with the curve of the body.

Please allow a 1 week lead time.

Window Awnings for small side windows of SD and FD's $344.00 Add to Cart
Window Awnings for large windows for all floor plans$368.00 Add to Cart


Is that west sun heating up your fridge? Kids next door making too much noise? Or do you just want a bit more privacy? Those of us that relish our awnings have for years used our friend Sewin' Susans side shades but alas she's retired now.

This blue side shade not only fills the void but matches the Casita blue as well. Not to mention it's the exact same fabric our popular window awnings are made from.

The weave is dense. You can see out but it's difficult to see in. It comes with a well made zipper carry bag and some pegs and string for tying down. Add your own tent poles and extend it out another 6 feet to enlarge your shaded patio!

Fits in the awning rail of all versions of the Fiamma awning. Some are snug but lubing the shade edge with a bit of candle wax solves that issue.

SunBlocker$159.95 Add to Cart


Entering and exiting your high lift, 15 inch tire Casita no longer has to be a cardio exercise. You can leave your aerobic step at home! We've put together a "no weld" bolt-on replacement double step kit. We've done all of the welding, modifying and fabricating here in the shop.

When installed, the highest step is seven inches below your threshold. The second step is seven inches below that. The remaining distance to the ground will vary depending upon where you camp, but will likely end up between five and eight inches. All-in all, a very manageable staircase.

The step is not difficult to install. While it can be done with a hack saw, a file and an electric drill, it would be easier if you owned, could borrow, or rent a reciprocating saw and a hand held grinder. Or if you're like me and believe there is no such thing as too many tools, these tools can be purchased very inexpensively from Harbor Freight Tools. Send us an email and Debbie would be glad to forward you a copy of the installation sheet.

Note: Only fits 17's that were equipped with a single step.

Double Step Kit$234.95 Add to Cart


This amazing new jack aid is a really cool solution to those of you with late model tow vehicles. Yep, the tail gate hits the tongue jack and that's a problem. You could use a longer stinger as long as you have 30% of your towing capacity to give up, but for the rest of us, this solves the problem. After you spend 5 minutes installing this, you simply hitch up, raise your jack a couple of turns off the ground, turn your jack 1/3 of a turn by hand and pull it out! Stow it in the back of your truck. (remember you can lay your tail gate down now!)

Or stow it in the now available Jack-E-Hand. The Hand attaches to your coupler under the Jack-E-Up and gives you a convenient place to stow your jack. It includes a locking pin as well and as an added bonus; the Hand doubles as a flag pole holder for many brands of telescoping flag poles. Inside diameter of the hand is 2 1/16.

We've tested this product and really like the safety and ease of use. We've added a bottom stabilizer bracket that bolts to the existing bracket to take much of the play out of your factory jack. This improvement really makes it stable.

For a better understanding of how it works, visit and watch the three minute video.

This is NOT a solution for those with electric jacks. For those of you with the Barker or other brands of electric jack, see for their Jack Relocation Bracket.

Jack-E-UP$72.95 Add to Cart
Jack-E-Hand$54.95 Add to Cart
BUY THE PAIR AND SAVE!$122.95 Add to Cart


Wish you had the fabulous BAL 7500lb scissor jacks but can't make it to Texas? We have a solution. We have our 1/4” thick steel mounting plates laser cut to fit the BAL 24002D jacks perfectly. This is the ideal jack as it's easy to deploy with a cordless drill, is strong enough to lift the trailer to change a flat and with 4 of them on the ground, the trailer is rock steady. If you have a high lift axle and mount them according to our included instructions, ground clearance will never be an issue.

The plate fits the jacks perfectly and the head of the bolt, when the plate is properly centered, clears the frame.

These plates MUST be welded on so your local welder can help you with this project. After welding on the mounting plate, the jack simply bolts to it using the included 3/8” bolts.

While we stock the scissors here in the shop, we don't sell them mail order since freight is high and many of the online resellers have special deals on them so shop around for the best buy on the jacks themselves.

Our standard kit (as pictured) comes with 2 plates, hardware, and instructions. If you wish to install 4 plates please order two kits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These plates are made for the BAL 24002D and we have no idea if they fit any other brand. The BAL's are the best for our Casitas.

Scissor Jack Mounting Plates Kit$29.95 Add to Cart



Have you grown weary of that little gold lock that has to be unscrewed using the key as a handle? They’re stiff, always seem to fall apart and require two hands to lock and unlock. Here at the shop we’ve certainly had our fill since we typically unhitch and rehitch two Casitas a day.

We have a solution. A simple, quality, traditional armored Master coupler lock. We’ve been selling these for some time here in the shop and folks love them!


We've been working on this project with our friend Charlie from RV Widget Works ever since the introduction of the new Casita bathroom for 2014. This design makes the storage pockets of the shower wall much more useful! You can now stow your toiletries on the shelves and travel with them safely retained.

The Shelf Guards simply attach with industrial VHB tape (already installed) and gaps are designed in for drainage.

Bathroom Shelf Guards (2 in the set)$34.95 Add to Cart


Another great design by our friend Charlie from RV Widget Works! This shelf will attach to the underside of any of your upper cabinets. It utilizes industrial grade two sided tape so it's easy to install.

It's perfect for cell phones, keys or small tablets or anything else you might need nearby. Clear that clutter off the rest of your horizontal surfaces and stow that gear in one of these. The mounting flanges outside to outside are 14 5/8", the overall depth is 8" and the overall height is 3".

Overhead Shelf$34.95 Add to Cart


Here's another great product from our friend Charlie at RV Widget Works! This cubby storage shelf uses his famous "never come loose" double sided tape. No holes to drill! It works great in the bath, side of the fridge cabinet, backsplash, closet door or anywhere else you need some extra storage. It's great for your glasses, keys, or small toiletries. It measures 11 inches wide, 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches deep. Be sure and check out our other under cabinet and bath storage shelves from RV Widget works.

Small Cubby for Vertical Walls$14.49 Add to Cart


I’m not sure what a whatnot dish is, but I’m also not sure I need to know. This shelf mounts to any vertical hard surface and since it has drain holes in the bottom could be used as a soap dish but I bet I figure out a zillion other uses as well. In inches, it measures 9 ¼ wide by 3 ½ deep by 1 ½ tall. So pens, pencils, glasses, keys, wallets, and a near endless list of things can be corralled by this handy shelf.

Soap Dish / Whatnot$14.95 Add to Cart


This 11-inch by 11-inch pie-shaped shelf is made by our friend Charlie from RV Widget Works. It's made to mount about 12 inches or more below the sink allowing for future trap maintenance. Attaches with industrial 2-sided tape and has holes for draining.

Undersink Bath Shelf$31.95 Add to Cart


Bathroom odors are never a good thing. We don't like to have them and we don't like to talk about them. The causes are many but the solution might just be this simple...

Debbie and I discovered a product that is a non aerosol spray. A couple of spritzes in the toilet afterwards makes the entire bath smell like an orange grove. There is a vegetable oil in the product that lubricates the valves and seals nicely. We passed about 10 bottles off to friends about a year ago and everyone (including Debbie) loves the product, but not so much the name of it. Outhouse #2. Debbie even uses it in the house.

One bottle is good for about 100 applications. It comes in two flavors, Citrus and Citrus Spice. Pick one or the other, or try the discounted two pack that includes one of each. You'll love it!

Note: This does not replace your normal black tank chemicals, this product is a deodorizer, and a quite nice one at that.

Citrus Spice Outhouse #2$10.95 Add to Cart
Citrus Outhouse #2$10.95 Add to Cart
Outhouse Two Pack, one of each flavor$19.95 Add to Cart


All too often we hear of the top hinge breaking on the 17-foot Dometic fridges. This is bad news when it happens because that top hinge is part of that quite expensive door! This stainless steel bracket is easy to install and will repair that broken hinge permanently or prevent it from happening on one that's not yet broken! The very thin profile is nearly invisible when installed. This is a must have for all 17' refrigerators.

Fridge Hinge Repair/Damage Prevention Kit$24.95 Add to Cart


This latch is an exact replacement for the latch on exterior fridge vent panels as well as the Parallax and Magnetek converters.

Fridge Vent and Converter Replacement Latch$3.99 Add to Cart


Okay, so if you’ve ever spilled milk in the bottom of your fridge, you know you want this and don’t need to read any further. If you haven’t, you still need it but are welcome to read on. This tray is sized to fit the very bottom of all 17” Casita fridges. At 260.15625 cubic inches, it will handily contain an entire gallon of spilled milk while stealing almost zero space in the fridge. You did remember that there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon, right? OK, maybe not but I did... trust me.

Another useful product from our friends at RV Widget works. Charlie just keeps those hits a comin’. Sorry, won’t fit the 16" fridge but send an email to [email protected] and I bet Charlie will come up with something.

Fridge Spill Containment Tray$29.95 Add to Cart


Who hasn’t bumped the fridge control, switched to DC and run their battery down? This new version is made for us by Charlie Young. It's clear, fits the fridge well and doesn't require removal to operate the buttons. It attaches with clear VHB tape to the control panel.

The red color in the photo is the release film on the guard and peels off prior to installation revealing the clear VHB tape.

Button Guard$13.95 Add to Cart


And speaking of shelves, we've put together this handy folding shelf that rivets to the side of your kitchen counter. Since many of us use the Southern Mattress or the WalMart memory foam mattress, we've cut the shelf to 10" wide by 18" deep. The 10" width should clear when the shelf is folded. It still leaves plenty of room for a coffee maker or simply providing a bit more space for food prep. The shelf is made from 1/2" white poly and is very durable but not heat proof so don't set your hot frying pan down on it!

You lucky owners of LD's or ID's can actually use two! One can be attached to the side of your microwave/fridge cabinet creating a handy spot to stage items destined for the microwave or the fridge. Mount it a bit lower and it makes a handy TV tray. We've already attached the brackets to the shelf in a location that should clear most furnace vents. It's possible you might have to relocate the brackets a bit to clear the obstructions on your specific Casita.

Folding Kitchen Shelf with fasteners, brackets and instructions$40.95 Add to Cart


Are you wanting to install a folding shelf but have a different shelf material in mind or already on hand? We've got you covered! The steel folding brackets included with our shelves can also be purchased on their own. This sturdy pair of brackets has a load bearing capacity of 130 lbs, can support a depth up to 12", and comes with fasteners and instructions.

Shelf Brackets (per pair)$19.99 Add to Cart


Another product from our friends at RV Widget works! This rack mounts with permanent two sided tape to any hard vertical surface. It measures about 11.5” wide, 2” deep and about 2” tall. While Debbie insists on calling this a spice rack, I’m going to use it for the TV remotes and to store my eyeglasses at night.

Spice Rack$13.95 Add to Cart



While there are several ways to deal with the bulky, oversize, head knocker vent hood, this kit is the way we do it here at the shop. We remove the hood and outside damper, replace the damper with a louvered grill because the outlet becomes an inlet. We provide a new damper for the inside as your old one has yellowed and is to hard to clean. We add a piece of window screen to keep the critters at bay, thin white plugs to cover the vent screw holes, and all the rivets. We also include two pieces of prefinished white molding that must be cut to fit. This molding, with some careful silicone work, closely approximates the lower cabinet flange that is cut away at the factory to install the vent.

If you have a 2010 or later, check out our optional DOUBLE Gustfason light fixture. It’s a great way to utilize the old vent wires that come from the cabinet. Fixture not included with kit. Unfortunately Bargman fixtures are no longer being manufactured, but it doesn’t hurt to ask as occasionally we find some more.

Note: Removing the vent hood requires that you operate your Fantastic Fan when cooking to remove potentially dangerous gasses.


For those 2010 and later owners, we have a Gustafson double light fixture. The double features clear lenses, incandescent bulbs, and install rivets. We really like the three position switch on this light. It allows for off, one light or both! This fixture would make a great addition in any spot you wish you had a bit more light. That corner you curl up in with a good book or perhaps the entry hall allowing you to shed a bit more light into the closet seem like a couple of great applications. If you run LED’s, put an incandescent in one side for when the LED alone is not quite enough. And of course it make a great way to utilize the left over circuit if you’ve removed your vent hood.

Gustafson Double Light Fixture$25.99 Add to Cart


While we acknowledge that many of our friends have made their own PVC pipe towel bar, we have been overwhelmed with emails requesting that we offer it in the store. We certainly can't take any credit for the brilliant design but you can read all about it at this Casita Forum thread.

It would seem that some of you would just rather that we do the gathering, cutting, sanding, fitting and handle the harsh chemicals required to assemble this handy device so you can spend more time camping and less time modding! That's OK by us so here they are.

The fitting is cut so it simply snaps onto the vent pipe location of your choice either in the bath or the closet. Friction holds it in place. We don't glue the cap on so it can easily be shortened to what ever length you require. Use it as an extra towel bar, TP holder, magazine rack or whatever. The possibilities are endless. It will pivot once installed or simply snaps off and onto another location as needs change.

Bathroom/Closet Hanging Bar$11.95 Add to Cart


This strap is designed to insure your awning case stays securely shut when going down the highway. It is made of heavy nylon webbing and has a very positive buckle. We chose blue to match the Casita graphics.

If you have installed a rain gutter, you will have to improvise a way for this strap to penetrate it. It can be sealed in place and the awning can be deployed after the strap is unbuckled.

Awning Safety Travel Strap$7.99 Add to Cart
Special Price for two!$13.99 Add to Cart


Mud daubers and other small critters can build their nests inside our water heater and furnace restricting air flow and causing other issues. These easy to install screens all but eliminate the issue. Even if you live in an area where these pest are not common, you might travel to where they are and would want the protection.

We live in the heart of mud dauber country, have used them for years and have never had problems. We currently stock versions for the furnace and water heater and will be adding more soon.

Furnace Insect Screen$18.95 Add to Cart
Water Heater Insect Screen$26.95 Add to Cart


This highly reflective DOT approved tape really adds visibility to the rear and rear quarters of your Casita. We chose silver/white since it's the most reflective and also detracts the least from the curb appeal of our trailers during the day.

We've had it cut to be the correct width for our belly bands and 105" long to reach from the rear of one side window to the rear of the other. Due to the typical variance of one Casita to the next it might need a slight trim at the bottom if installed flush to the top of the band. This is easily accomplished with a single edged razor blade.

In the pictures, we show it photographed at dusk with no flash to illustrate how well it blends in during the day but really jumps out at night with a bit of light on it. Also available in a larger roll, enough for the entire belly band.

Reflective Belly Band Tape, Rear only, 105"$10.95 Add to Cart
Reflective Belly Band Tape, Entire Belly Band$41.95 Add to Cart



For several years we've admired these useful clamps. Current production Casitas come with one designed for keeping your pigtail from falling out of the connector on the back of your tow vehicle but they are useful for many other tasks. We've had so many requests for this item, we simply had to add it to our list of "must haves". You simply turn the knob to reduce or increase the size of the flexible ring. It will clamp as tight as you need.


These handy thumb turn latches keep your access doors securely latched without the bother of the universal CH751 key! Your battery door and curb side access hatch require the larger 7/8" size and the electric cord hatch and water hatch require the smaller 5/8" size. Some older models may require a bit of finessing to fit to the electric hatch, but it's easy to do! Many early models from the 80's and 90's don't have a locking water tank hatch. Some folks put them on all four while others find the need to keep the key lock on one or more of the hatches so we've priced them individually as well as in a set of four. The 5/8" thumb turn latch fits the electrical hatch and the water port. The 7/8" thumb turn latch fits the storage hatch and the battery hatch. These will not fit the outside shower.

Thumb Turn Latches (set of 4) 2014 and earlier$24.96 Add to Cart
Individual Thumb Turn Latch 5/8" (each)$6.49 Add to Cart
Individual Thumb Turn Latch 7/8" (each)$6.49 Add to Cart
Individual Thumb Turn Latch 1 1/8" (each) 2015 and later$7.49 Add to Cart
Thumb Turn Latches (set of 4) 2015 and later$26.96 Add to Cart

If ordering individual latches be sure to specify which size you need from the description above!


We like this bar for several reasons. First, it looks good on our trailers. It’s brushed aluminum with heavy duty black ends. It really stiffens the door, it gives us something else to hang onto when we open the door on windy days and we can hang a towel on it to dry in the breeze. Installed high, it could be a curtain rod or just a second towel bar. We take it out of its package and throw the complex cutting instructions away, cut it to fit our Casitas and assemble it all back together. All you have to do is drill four ⅛” holes in your door and install the mounting screws. It’s that easy.

Screen Door Push Bar$25.95 Add to Cart


Here’s the one you want. No more dragging and fraying of your factory break away cable. This one is coiled and just the right length to attach to your TV. Includes attachment ring for the switch end and a speed clip for the TV end.

Coiled Break Away Tether$15.95 Add to Cart


Break away switches are required by law in nearly every state. Besides that they're a darn good idea! We have the complete switch along with the desired coiled cable for those early model Casitas that were made without one. It's a simple two wire, one bolt installation.

Complete Breakaway Switch with Coiled Cable$26.95 Add to Cart



We've installed them all over the years and this is by far our favorite! Its "mama bear" size is not too big and not too small. Plus unlike other brands, it doesn't require holes in the roof or any disruption of the factory vent to roof sealant.

You simply drill some 3/32" pilot holes in the side of the fan body and attach it with the included SS screws. As an added bonus, this model unlatches and hinges out of the way for cleaning the dome of your fan or the underside of the vent cover. Very cool indeed!

For those who need more light inside the Casita, we're also offering the MaxxAir II in smoke.

The smoked cover, coupled with our new clear Fantastic Fan lid really brightens the Casita up. The combination of the two lets you look up and see the moon at night!


We package a generous assortment of the rivet sizes that most commonly break on your Casita along with a couple of acorn nuts and some additional sizes useful for mods. We have located a source of 1” slotted rivets and include some of them as well. The slotted rivet expands like a molly bolt and is not so particular about material thickness. It also grabs a larger cross section of the fiberglass on the back side. Casita has used this type of rivet to install your water heater. There are no snap caps in this kit. Instructions included.

Rivet Kit$8.95 Add to Cart


We package 100 snap caps and 15 bases in this kit. If you need more than that, let us know and we'll package and price it according to your needs.

Snap Caps$8.95 Add to Cart


This dark navy 100% cotton towel measures 11 x 17.5 inches and looks great hanging in either the kitchen or the bath. Makes a great gift for your Casita friends.

Casita Embroidered Hand Towel$11.95 Add to Cart


We've shown these at rallies and folks loved them! The first is a pair of self adhering labels to put on the frame just aft of the wheel well. These instruct tire changers and service folks where to place their jacks so as not to damage our axles.

The second label is attached to either your 25 or 16 gallon fresh water tank and are marked off in gallons as well as fractions of a tank. Very handy for determining how much longer you can stay before adding water to the system.

Jack Frame Decals (per pair)$4.00 Add to Cart
16 Gallon Tank Gauge Decals$3.00 Add to Cart
25 Gallon Tank Gauge Decals$3.00 Add to Cart
Battery Depletion Chart$2.00 Add to Cart

Decal Bundle (16 Gallon Decal plus Jack and Battery)$8.00 Add to Cart
Decal Bundle (25 Gallon Decal plus Jack and Battery)$8.00 Add to Cart


Updated April 2023!
Available in print as a spiral-bound book or a full-color ebook (PDF) on USB.

"284 pages in large text format, with loads of photos, tips and hints, how-tos, a fully-linked Table of Contents, sidebar bookmarks, links to related websites and products, and much more.

And, there's something for everyone at every level, whether you're a Wannabe, Expectant, Newbie or a Seasoned Owner."

That's the way our good friend, author and fellow Casita owner Eileen describes the Guide. We're a bit more "to the point". If you're here in our store and you don't have one yet, you need it.

Casita Travel Trailers A-Z Owners Guide - Print$60.00 Add to Cart
Casita Travel Trailers A-Z Owners Guide - USB$50.00 Add to Cart


Prefer to have your Guide emailed to you?

Purchase through PayPal from our friends at LoveMyCasita!

eDelivery within 24 hours of placing your order.

Click HERE to purchase eDelivery of guide now!


••   RUNNING GEAR   ••


These sets include the correct double lipped rear seal as well as two bearings and two races. Also included, for older Casitas, is the D style tang washer with the bendable tabs. And for even older Casitas, the cotter pin. On later model Casitas, your nut retaining cage is reusable. Each set rebuilds one side of an axle, so order two sets to do the complete job.

Fits 3500lb axle with 10” brakes.


Casita Wheel Bearing Sets (per side)$16.95 Add to Cart


We’ve converted a great many of our “slightly overweight” Casitas to the Dexter 5200 leaf spring axle, as well as, a few conversions to the #11 torsion axle. It’s time we put replacement bearings in the store. The package contains one pair of bearings, races and a seal. If doing both sides you’ll need two sets. Just one if you just want to carry a spare set.


5200 Pound Dexter Leaf Spring Bearing Set$19.59 Add to Cart


If you plan on cleaning and repacking your existing bearings, you’ll still need to replace the inner seal. This is the correct double lipped model for your EZLube axle.

Replacement Seals (per pair)$8.00 Add to Cart


This is the correct part to replace your torn, missing or leaking dust cap that protects the zerk fitting. We recommend adding a small bead of RTV to the groove to minimize splatter on your rims.

Rubber Dust Cap (each)$2.75 Add to Cart


We've been stocking these replacements at the shop for some time now. It seems some service departments are fond of removing your grease caps with a giant pair of Channel Locks or the biggest hammer they can find. That's not our style so when we encounter a pair that's been abused, we replace them. It's actually easier to replace them than it is to clean your old ones so you might as well pick up a pair while you're ordering your new wheel bearings. Rubber dust caps sold separately.

Replacement Grease Cap (each)$3.79 Add to Cart

Thanks for shopping!

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