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Little House Customs

About Us

I’ve been working under the guidance of Larry, my stepfather, for a few years now, and as he has decided to retire to pursue his passion for music and enjoy his Casita experience recreationally, my wife Amanda and I will be carrying the torch of Little House Customs forward. We look forward to providing the consistent attention to detail and excellent service that our customers have come to expect from my parents, and to deliver on the reputation they have worked so hard to create over the years.

Aside from Amanda and I, we have two young boys, Michael and Aaron, who love sports and turning Casitas into their own personal clubhouse. As a family business, real-time teaching moments occur on a daily basis since we keep our boys involved by letting them help out in whatever ways they can. They even like to offer up their own ideas for products from a kid’s perspective. Some are good. Some are impractical. Others are just downright hilarious!

Though my parents will still be a large part of the business, they have decided to work in the background, so when you contact Little House Customs you will be speaking with Amanda and myself. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Story

My parents, Larry and Debbie, have been proud owners and participants in the Casita experience since early in 1996. Upon returning to Texas in 2006 after full timing for nearly two years in the Casita they discovered the Casita Forum and the Casita Club. They immediately became enthusiastic posters sharing their technical experience with the members and benefiting from the knowledge shared by the other members. They began attending several rallies every year and started a tradition of offering presentations on various technical subjects at every event. It was just their way of saying thank you to all involved.

Early in 2008 folks began asking Larry to help them modify their Casitas as they perhaps lacked the confidence or skills to tackle the project themselves. His 30 plus years as a general contractor made him a good fit for taking on these projects and seeing them through to completion. As a result, Little House Customs began. We are still growing today and are making every effort to offer as many products to the Casita community as possible, while still continuing to be active contributors in both the Forum and at rallies.

Our Mission

Our goals are to provide many common parts, accessories, and innovative kits to modify your travel trailer at the best possible prices.

Our Facilities

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to visit our store in person instead of ordering through our website, please contact us by email or phone to arrange an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

Happy Camping!
Jeff & Amanda
Larry & Debbie